Obtaining Help or Products

Obtaining Holistic Help or Supplements

Depending on the situation, I may use one or a variety of ‘natural’ supplement products. The Nzymes Antioxidant support supplements will be involved all of the time, as can be seen in most of my Posts. Other products offered from the Nzymes Product Line may also be called into play according to the health issue and level of challenge. Obtaining different supplements can be done in a number of ways, as I also use supplements not yet provided by Nzymes (pronounced ‘en-zymes’), such as Colloidal Silver, etc. For products OTHER than Nzymes, you can contact me. I soon will be updating this page to reflect all available avenues to get products.   To acquire NZYMES products, there are 3 avenues, depending on your location, and outlined below.


Within a Reasonable Distance of Winnipeg MB: 

Contact me at Davyn’s Vitality – or via Email using the CONTACT ME page. I can supply the entire Nzymes product line,  and direct you to other supplements I may recommend.

Within CANADA, Beyond Driving Distance of Winnipeg: 

Nzymes are available at stores ALL OVER Canada.  Use the NZYMES STORE LOCATOR to find one in your area, OR order directly from NZYMES.COM.

Within the USA, associated Territories, or other countries:

Please make your purchase EITHER directly from the main Nzymes website – OR by using their Store Locator.