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History of Brenda’s Blog & NZYMES Affiliation

Brenda Johnson in UtahAs mentioned on other pages, my walk and journey in working with Nzymes, and using the Nzymes products or Holistic Programs started when my little dog Bella became paralyzed in the back end. Basically, I was able to muster enough Faith to believe and give the Nzymes products a chance based on what I was seeing and hearing. Little Bella lost the use of her back legs on December 1, 2012 in relation to IVDD complications. 

Bella’s full story is found HERE, but a brief synopsis is needed here. The day her paralysis started, we searched online and happened across the NZYMES.COM website – finding the video of Lilly recovering from a paralysis incident. It was clear this lady had taken a leap of Faith with NZYMES, as she was already filming the video before ever opening the shipment of Nzymes products (Granules + Treats).

Well, I was not only impressed by the progress Lilly was making in only days, but by the owners belief that this would work for her and her dog. This is what Faith is all about – which is part of my philosophy.

After some weeks of observing what no one thought was possible, and then more months using Nzymes products with pets and family – including how Bella was responding – I was becoming more and more interested in being involved with something that seemed so positive, yet all natural (just a ‘nutrition supplement’)!!  Finally, the idea popped into my head: I want to WORK with these products, and help other people with their pet or family health concerns, likewise for horses.

From that decision, I ended up starting my ‘Home business’ – which I call Davyn’s Vitality. I now own and operate this business serving my local and extended communities, as a Holistic Health Consultant, in and around Winnipeg, MB.  The big DIFFERENCE, in comparison to NZYMES.COM, is that I’m not selling from a store-front, or online.  I am, most of the time, actually interacting directly with local people and families. And, over the years it’s spreading extensively throughout Canada.

This has now grown since 2012, and while working closer and closer with Nzymes personnel, they have come to value my direct-interaction experience with health challenge situations, either pet or human – since that is the bulk of what I do. So, in the first quarter of 2016, Nzymes invited me to be a sort of “special challenges” consultant. In this capacity, I am connected with actual Nzymes customers in cases of significant challenge and fitting the scope of my experience – especially in the  realm of paralysis and Lyme issues.