Bella and her Paralysis story

My Bella, her IVDD & Paralysis, and Her Recovery.

I’ll begin by telling you about myself, and how I came across NZYMES®, what they are, and where it’s all lead to.   I believe everything happens for a reason, and when our ‘path’ is laid before us, it is an incredible journey to follow.   ?

It started on December 1, 2012 when my one dog Bella, suffered a paralysis.  We found out she had IVDD, and that there was really no hope, unless we wanted to do surgery, which meant sending her to Saskatchewan , or Minnesota (I am in Manitoba) and $4000 to start with.  No guarantee.  We couldn’t justify spending that amount of money, not knowing if it would even help Bella.

‘Do the right thing Brenda’, ‘Don’t make her suffer’, ‘You know what you have to do’ is what everyone was telling me. Yet, even the vet’s recommendation of possibly putting her to sleep, just didn’t ‘sit’ right with me?  I felt there was something more.  I was ‘missing’ something.  But I knew, I couldn’t put her down.

During the night of her second night at the vet, I was home, with the 3 kids, while my husband Darryl worked.  He was on call at the time, (works for Hydro).  I felt very alone. Scared, confused and didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I went outside with our other one dog at the time, Niko.  Middle of the night.  I wasn’t sleeping. Eating. Nothing. I was just in ‘fear’ feeling mode the entire time.  Being outside, alone with Niko, I looked up at the stars and said ‘Show me the way.  Show me the way because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!!’   I went back inside the house, grabbed my IPad, opened up the Internet, and there before me was  open, to the paralysis page. As if right? For real?! I hadn’t searched for anything, hadn’t done a thing.  ‘Show me the way’.  I then started reading, watching, listening to the testimonies of people about their paralyzed dogs and cried. Could this be true??? Could these NZYMES® really help my Bella?  Was THIS what I was looking for? I knew I had to try.

I ordered products, and excitedly waited to my husband Darryl to come home and show and tell him what I’d found. I told him ‘Don’t be mad, I spent $150 on this stuff’. He just looked at me, patted my arm, and said ‘There, there dear. You have a big heart. But mark my words, that dog will never walk again’. I didn’t care.  I had Hope. I hadn’t stopped Believing.

The vets had allowed me to bring Bella home after 36 hours, IF I agreed to kennel rest her for 6-8 weeks.  Sure. I’ll agree to anything.  I will have my dog at home, and she’s alive.  Plus, they had no idea what I had coming, and I had never heard of NZYMES.

We took Bella to a natural healing vet the next day. Learnt some therapy tips, and did acupuncture and laser therapy. Day 5 after her injury, we received the NZYMES®. Nine days later is when she started taking her first steps. It was unbelievable! Nobody believed me. I had to take her back to the vets, friends houses, to show them that she WAS walking again. It was a true miracle. And she just kept getting better and better!!! By the time 6 weeks came, that we could’ve let her out of ‘kennel rest’, she was running and playing and doing stairs. Imagine if we’d kept her confined!? Giving her the simplicity of an ‘alive’ nutrition source changed it all!!!

A dog whom many thought would never walk again, proved them all wrong.

Brenda Johnson
Winnipeg, MB

About the VIDEO History Provided Here

One of my supporting Video’s, on Bella and her paralysis recovery is provided here, while another is on the actual NZYMES.COM site. In both places, you will also find my second video showing Bella at 8.5-months of NZYMES® use. In this second video, people tend to comment about what appears to be her incredible state of enthusiasm and playful nature – seemingly ‘thrilled’ to have her body back.

This short video here, put together by a dear friend of mine, is quite different and a bit fancier than the original that NZYMES® staff helped me put together (with my chosen music).  While the video pretty well tells the story for the most part, I have some additional information below the video.

My Bella, continued…See her after receiving NZYMES® antioxidant support for about 8.5 months.

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