In May of 2018,  I was given a few sample bottles of Tracite Minerals to try.  It was something that Nzymes was considering adding to their line of people products,  and wanted feedback.  

I had my doubts

I had tried something similar just a few years before.  It was called Humic Fulvic.  It was supposed to restore essential minerals, and help the body to be able to absorb what it was missing.   I purchased many bottles of it,  thinking ‘what if’ this together with Nzymes, could be something amazing?   I gave it to many of my clients to try in addition of the Nzymes,  and we too started using it on all our animals and humans in the house.   What changed?  Absolutely nothing.   There was nothing that happened with us, or more than 30 others whom I’d given it to,  either on themselves or their pets.   I like to have the ‘WOW’ factor when I use things,   and this proved very quickly to be a waste of time and money.   I most certainly did not want to carry this product,  and charge people for it,  when I myself didn’t ‘believe’ in it.   Plus it was $80 CDN.   

“OK Mike, if you say so..”

So when Mike at Nzymes told me about these Tracite Minerals,  my first thought was ‘been there, done that’, however I was willing to try.   But,  as I came to learn very quickly,  these things are definitely NOT created equal,  as ones source may not be as ‘potent’ as the other.  I realized that these Tracite Minerals,  were WOW!   There was something here!  

We first began to use it on myself and my 11 year-old daughter Turi.  

Turi’s health history

When Turi was 6 weeks old,  she was rushed to the Children’s Hospital with what we thought were seizures.   For many days,  that teeny baby laid in an ICU ‘bubble’ hooked up to all kinds of machines, and everything they could think of being pumped into her in case it was this or that.   They didn’t know ‘what’ was wrong with her, and until test results came back,  to pull the meds being put into her,  she remained on many.  We were terrified as the Doctors told us ‘this doesn’t look good, prepare yourselves’.  My gosh;  prepare myself to lose my new baby?  I’ll never forget that feeling of hearing those words!  😢

It turned out to be something called Sandifer’s Syndrome,  which is severe acid reflux,  and babies will ‘arch’ their bodies and react the same way as a seizure,  to try and get away from the burning coming up their throat.   The solution was daily Zantac/Ranitidine until the age of 3.  

I realize that because of all those drugs and meds being put into her,  they stripped her immune system.   She was always sick, always something ‘wrong’.   And it got worse as time went on.   She was immunized up until the age of 5,  and still got everything she’d been supposedly ‘protected’ against.   Measles,  chicken pox,  and whooping cough and the mumps,  have occurred numerous times over the past years.   Every Spring she got the mumps, again.   And all of this,  even in spite of her taking a double dose of Nzymes and colloidal silver for the past years!  I can’t imagine how much worse it all could have been if she wasn’t doing that??!!  

Migraine headaches

At the age of 10, she started suffering with terrible migraines.  Often daily.  I’d have a child screaming in pain, blinded by auras,  and unable to eat, sleep or function.   It broke my heart to see my child suffering so bad.  I could relate,  because I too, had migraines and knew exactly what she was going through.   Every day,  I’d wait for the call from school, that Turi needed to come home.   Our lives were disrupted constantly,  plans canceled because if Turi got a migraine,  everything came to a halt.   

In the Spring of 2018,  things got even worse with Turi.   Now,  I had a child who had no energy, no drive,  and the ‘Hurry Turi’ child I’d had,  was now a lifeless girl,  who physically couldn’t do anything.   She was always so tired,  and finding her laying on the floor somewhere in our house, was a common occurrence.  Even something as simple as getting a glass out of the cupboard,  she had to hold herself up,  and use one arm to stabilize herself in order to open the cupboard and get what she needed.   

Cups and dishes were dropped often,  she just didn’t have the strength to hold herself up!   School became an even bigger challenge,  as she was always so tired,  her marks began to rapidly spiral downwards.  She was unable to participate in Phys Ed, and anything ‘physical’ that they did,  she was incapable.   I was watching my child become an angry, tired, and very miserable young lady.   This,  was not the Turi we knew.   Something,  was very wrong.  

Tests could not determine the problem

Off to the Doctor we went.   Where a lot of tests and Xrays were done.   I knew,  something had to show up.  There was just no way it couldn’t?  For her to be in this bad of shape at the age of 11,  there had to be something ‘behind’ it!?   But, everything came back 100%.   ‘She is healthy’ the Doctor told us.   NO WAY!  She is NOT ‘healthy’!  I could not accept that nothing had shown up!  And because all the bloodwork and tests showed normal,  sending her off to another Doctor or specialist,  where do you go?  Where do you begin?   I knew I HAD to help my child,  but how?  What was I supposed to do?  

As a mother,  I felt very helpless and sad,  I could barely stand to see my daughter become a shell of who she used to be.  I felt so sorry for her,  because if her life was this way now?  How was it going to be as she got older?  There was no ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for her,  and nobody could help.   We even tried numerous acupuncture appointments, to see if that could be of help,  and that was of no help either.   

The “trial” came at the perfect time

And then, when Mike told me about the Tracite Minerals in May.   I knew right away, that if we were going to try this on anyone,  it had to be Turi.  I wasn’t even thinking of myself, or any other family members,  or the animals.  Just her.  We had nothing to lose.  

Well,  let me tell you, that this,  was EXACTLY what Turi needed!!!  She must have been missing Minerals,  because on the very first day of taking her drops of it in a cup of tea,  it was as if a switch had been flipped back to ‘ON’ where she was concerned.  Her energy, stamina,  ALL returned!  Just like that!  She was full of life and vigor.  I was seeing with my own eyes,  my Hurry Turi who never stopped,  return.   This was unbelievable!  Her migraines began to diminish also.  

The only times she slipped back into the sluggish no go child,  was if she’d have sleepovers on weekends and forget her Tracite Minerals.  By Sunday evening, she was dragging herself around again,  going through the motions.   When she’d return home,  she would immediately take her drops,  and off she’d fly!!!  Back to normal.   I truly believe,  that Tracite Minerals is exactly what Turi needed,  to replenish her missing ‘needs’,  and now together with the Nzymes and colloidal silver,  it has become the catalyst to keep her at her very best.   She’s back at being ‘checked in’ all day.   We have our daughter back after all these years of trying to put her puzzle pieces back together.  

My turn

As for myself, having battled Lyme disease for over 3 decades, the one thing I still struggled with,  also since the age of 10, was migraines.  Daily debilitating ones. After taking the Nzymes, the daily ones stopped, but I still got them during the weeks of full moons.  Call me crazy, 🙃 but it was like clockwork.  Full moon week,  I’d be stricken with migraines again.    

When I began with the Tracite Minerals, I felt like something came ‘alive’ in me. I felt the ‘spark’, and, as long as I kept taking them, then I didn’t get any migraines during full moon weeks!!!??? I thought this had to be coincidence?! There was one way to find out.  

I must admit, I did a lot of ‘on and off’ with the Tracite Minerals.  Using it, not using it, going back to using it, month by month.  Just to see what would happen.  I had to know without a doubt,  were these drops truly making such a difference?  

I learned that answer.  There were no doubts anymore.   We are ‘on’ where Tracite is concerned.  I had my last ‘off’ time a few years ago.  Never again…I cannot make myself suffer needlessly when I now know without a doubt I NEED the Tracite Minerals.  I am no longer going to ‘experiment’ with what happens if I’m not on it.  

So I can 100% say,  that my body,  and Turi’s, NEEDED these missing minerals!

Now to try it on a dog

Dog Arthritis Lab
Meet Eli

Now knowing this, I had to also try on a dog!!! If it did this for people, what about the animals getting that same ‘spark’??? 

I chose Eli.  He was a 13 year old chocolate lab.  Many of you will remember his story, how he came to us just days after my Shelby girl passed away in January 2018.   After 18 days with us,  he was able to run to his family when they came to pick him up.  After that,  we had many more visits from Eli,  as he and my daughter Turi had become best friends,  and our families ‘shared’ him.  💕

In June of 2018, Eli had some major setbacks,  and wasn’t getting up again.   It looked like he was going to need to cross the Rainbow Bridge.   Turi happened to be away on a trip,  and so it was held off until her return.    Turi returned on a Thursday, and Eli came back to us the next day, Friday.   Almost immediately, he came back to Life!  It was all about Turi,  he just wanted to be with his ‘girl’.  The two of them were inseparable, and it had been months since Turi had slept on a bed.  She was always sleeping on the floor with Eli.  He just adored her.  It’s as if she had become his reason to live.  

Surprise visit

But then, Turi went away at the beginning of August to our best friends farm in Saskatchewan,  and Eli was now in the care of her sister Shai and myself.  Eli became very attached to Shai also,  as she doted on him just as her sister had.   However;  at the end of the first two weeks, I seen how much he had slowed down again.  I seen an old dog that just didn’t have any zest left.  I knew he was missing his girl…but it was more than that.  I sensed it.  🙁

Turi & Eli

So, I packed up Shai and Eli, and we made the ten hour trip to Meota SK, where Turi was, and surprised her.  When Turi realized I was there,  and then to see her sister was there also, AND her dog? Oh my gosh,  the reunion between those two? I wish I’d recorded it.  It was very sweet.   The two of them together again.   💕  I told Turi,  how I’d seen how Eli had declined, and that she should know that it was going to be ‘time’ soon, probably in the next few days.  We would cross him over there on the farm.  

Off they went,  and Eli, happy to be with his girl,  tried so hard, but got tired very quickly.  He was barely able to get far by the second day.   That was the day day I started giving the Tracite Minerals to Eli.   

Seeing is believing

Well,  all of a sudden Eli came to Life again!  And I mean LIFE!  😀 the next day, he put on miles,  following Turi around the entire farm all day long,  even wanting to follow her when she was going horseback riding.  We had to constantly call Eli back!  We all couldn’t believe WHERE this dog had come from?!  He lived the rest of the week on the farm to the fullest.  We were the ones that had to pull in the reigns so often on him,  because we knew that he certainly wasn’t going to stop,  he was on a big ‘date’ with his Turi! 😀 

Turi, Ayva, Eli & the Horses

It didn’t take me very long to realize that this new dog,  whom just days ago was yet again on his way over the Rainbow Bridge,  had stopped and went back to our side!  And,  the only thing that had changed since being back with Turi, was him getting Tracite Minerals!  10 drops a day.  I was even more hooked on them after seeing this with my own eyes!!! 

Report from Down Under

I started telling everyone about these Tracite Minerals

My friend Beth in Australia had been on Nzymes, OxE, ProB, occasionally Blackleaf, and Colloidal Silver for a few years already.  On the first day of using the Tracite Minerals, she sent this to me.  

“Do those mineral drops work almost immediately? Really?  Maybe I’m imagining things.  I took them this morning for the first time.  I popped them into my smoothie and it’s like my tummy is doing wonderful things.  After 3 hours of taking the drops I have my ‘zing’ back which I haven’t had for months”.   This, has carried  on since.   She wasn’t imagining things.  

Dad felt the difference

And then my 75 year old dad started using them.  He’d been on a double dose of Nzymes, OxE Drops, Pro B, Blackleaf and colloidal silver. 

‘Since taking the Tracite Minerals I do not have as much trouble getting up as I used to with my knees’.  He was finding it a much quicker process to get up now!  I am happy to report that since,  he had not been using his cane at all!! Whereas before that,  especially when walking longer distances, longer shopping trips etc,  he always needed his cane.  He loved telling me on Saturdays shopping trip,  that it had been so nice to not have to constantly worry about forgetting it somewhere.  😀 So…the Tracite Minerals definitely played a big part in his movement improvements.  

Brenda’s Dad


Tracite passed the test!

Over the past years,  I have more and more stories coming in for the benefits people and their animals have experienced by simply adding the Tracite Minerals to their regimen.  I’ve also learned that for neurological issues,  it is incredible.  And the best way I can describe the ‘why’ behind it is because the Tracite puts that ‘spark’ back in the body,  therefore it seems the brain is able to fire on all cylinders.  Even for brain injuries, I’ve witnessed incredible transformations.  

I am sure that with what I have all seen and experienced over the past few years with Tracite Minerals is far from being complete.  Every day more come along that will benefit from it, and I love hearing the stories of what it’s done for someone or their pet.  

I truly believe that every living body also needs the power behind the ‘spark and zing’ of the Tracite Minerals, your body, and your pets, will thank you for it!!! 

Brenda J 

Don’t Stop Believing!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Trace Minerals are Elementary to Life!

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