DM in dogs

My Discovery Journey with DM in Dogs

I have learned so very much about ‘Dogs and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)’ in recent years, after also having learned and done so much work with Lyme disease issues. Did you know the two are connected? It’s crazy!!  Let’s dig into that.

I worked with a dog named Gus five years ago. He’d been diagnosed with DM. What I did not know at that time, was that he’d been diagnosed with Lyme disease two years earlier. And at that time, his Lyme numbers had been so high the vet didn’t know how Gus could still be alive. He had been treated with antibiotics which, of course, had minimal impact.

When I first met Gus, he was like a statue – stiff from head to tail. If they put him down on all fours, he’d just tip over. No flinching, nothing. I’d never seen such a thing before! I couldn’t get him out of my head!

By now, I’d worked with one other DM dog named Suzy Q.  At that time, I had not yet learned about the importance of food with ‘these conditions’.  I had no clue that by not giving a 100% starch free diet, meaning no corn, rice, potato, wheat, or tapioca, that we were ‘feeding’ the condition! So, I Nzymes Granues - 1Lb.definitely made some unknowing mistakes. With Susie Q, we used Nzymes® Granules at first, and later ‘added in’ two more items: CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and (at that time) I was also using Cannabis oil. Now (more recently), I’ve also been using a Camelina oil instead for the past 2+ years.

Here is a very good illustration-Video of how Suzie Q’s DM responded to just Nzymes alone, and no food change, followed by what happened when we brought in the oil and Q10. 😅

Suzie Q did well for over a year. And then things started deteriorating drastically. She became unable to move and started lashing out if someone came near. This was not the Suzie Q I knew. She was miserable. The vet determined the DM had (already) progressed too much and finally, she went over the Rainbow Bridge. 😢

So, when Gus came along, in his ‘statue’ state, I really, really wanted to help him. But sadly, just a short while later, he also passed away. (The condition was again too far progressed) It was too far gone.

After Gus was gone, I was devastated. That little dog had won my heart, and I didn’t want to accept that having met and worked with him that it was all for nothing. WHAT was the reason for me to have just had this sweet little guy come into my life, only to lose him? There HAD to be a reason. Or, that’s at least what I thought…

I was talking to my husband Darryl about Gus a few days later, still having a hard time holding back the tears, and I realized something. Gus reminded me EXACTLY of what an ALS person ends up like at the end!!! Stiff; unable to move, essentially a prisoner in his own body, and especially difficult because usually, the mind is still (basically in-tact) there. This, was what Gus was! So, what did that mean?

Now, I myself had Lyme disease for over 36 years, so I’d come to learn much about this (what I call), the disease of 1000 faces. I knew that MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lou Gehrig’s, and ALS are ALL actually just different ‘stages’ of Lyme! You get ‘diagnosed’ with these different ‘conditions’ (given names by investigative doctors), and sooner or later, Lyme disease comes up. I’ve encountered that frequently, with people who’ve been diagnosed with MS, then Fibro, and then eventually Lyme. Or, Fibro first, then MS, also chronic fatigue, and then Lyme. I’ve worked with one man with ALS; sadly, he had given up and didn’t want to ‘fight’ it. I tried so hard with him, but when someone has given up and feels no Hope because there has never been any Hope for ALS, it’s really difficult to get them to try and just believe.

degenerative myelopathy in dogs

Anyway, back to Gus, who was suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy. Wondering: could DM be something similar to ALS? Very curious, I went and Googled it. (click picture 1)

ALS and Dogs, Google result

What? DM is essentially in Dogs what ALS is in Humans??!! If that is the case, then that means it’s ALL Lyme disease related! So, I Googled that too… (now click picture 2)

This was the reason Gus had come along! To show me that DM is really Lyme disease related! Which then means that we could maybe stop it, or conquer it! Especially knowing what I’d been able to accomplish with Lyme disease not only on myself but also the dog I rescued, Bohdi.

This reveals that I could very likely help DM dogs using the same regimen as I did with Lyme cases! Nzymes, and colloidal silver! Those two together, with any animal I’d worked with, and were able to acquire the vet results, we had proof (as with Bohdi) that Lyme, was completely eradicated by 3 months! Yes, Bohdi, my adopted rescue, was the first case where I ever got undeniable results to prove that this was indeed achievable! Something previously unheard of in the Western Medicine world!  (Bohdi was supposed to be dead within weeks of when I took him into my home, yet is incredibly healthy all these years since my regimen reversed his downhill slide. This, you can witness here – See Bohdi in Action, his Daily Routine ).  And, if you care to care to check out Bohdi’s full Story – CLICK HERE.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and My Regimen

So, to help (do battle) with the DM, Nzymes and Colloidal silver are a must to get to work at eradicating the underlying ‘root’ issue. With DM, the white matter, or the ‘myelin sheath’ in the spine are degenerating. This is what causes the disease to rapidly progress. Collidial silver can help the body REPAIR the myelin sheath!!! I use Colloidal silver in almost all my cases regardless of the underlying condition.  More on that is found – HERE.  Now, about resources.

Nzymes Granues - 1Lb.Nzymes®, give the body a daily source of Whole Functional Food, being essentially ‘live’ super-nutrition.  Every tiny granule is ‘alive” with the natural food enzymes!  So when we give the body ‘life’ (in this manner), incredible things begin to happen. But the most important one is, the immune system begins to get a huge boost. And that’s what we want. Strengthen that immune system to help with the fight of this autoimmune disease. A daily double dose must be kept, and possibly even tripled or quadrupled as time/age goes by. If we need to give ‘extra resources’ to help keep the body strong, then that’s easily achieved. Not just with the Nzymes, but everything else too.

Then there are the other two things I’ve also found for being helpful in DM. CoEnzymeQ10 and Excel K9 oil.

CoQ10 has a large array of benefits. But the biggest one is that it drastically increases blood flow. And this is what we want, especially to be able to ‘speed’ things up at the ‘damaged’ areas.  More on CoQ10 is found – HERE

Lastly, the Excel Camelina Oil. This is a definite must also, as this resource greatly helps the animal if there is any pain/discomfort, alongside many other benefits, including omega oils.  Learn more – HERE.

All of these Products, along with the starch-minimized diet, I have come to know, were absolute ‘must haves’ to do battle against DM and hopefully win. I just needed to try it all out! What I needed next was another dog that was DM-affected to come along.

Another Trial Case Comes Along

In February of this year (2018), I received a call from a lady whose 10-year-old German Shepherd had just been diagnosed with DM. So bad (in fact), that the vet had pronounced that Mia had only a month or so left before she’d have to be crossed over as well. I found out that the family was leaving on vacation, and was going to be leaving Mia at a kennel for 9 days. I then asked her owner (a total stranger to me)  if I could take Mia, and see what I could do. She said yes.

Upon getting Mia, I started her on (1) an all raw diet, (2) a double dose of Nzymes Granules, (3) 2 oz. of Collidial silver, (4) 400 mg of CoQ10, and (5) 30 ml of Excel K9 oil. This poor girl, who could barely keep her balance, would fall over around corners, and had a very hard time holding up her back end, began to come to life! It was amazing to see. She was running and wanting to play, and by the time her owners came to get her, she was able to leap through the air catching snowballs! They could not believe the change in her. I’d also taken their second dog Gypsy (nothing wrong with her), where I felt I couldn’t leave her at the kennel and only take Mia. So Gypsy got raw food and Nzymes as well. 😊

I got the following message from their owner just a short while after they returned home, and Mia was returned to them.

“I just wanted to let you know that I have really noticed an improvement in Mia ‘s overall health, happiness and mobility. She went from a seemingly rapid decline in her back legs function (even falling over sometimes) to looking strong in her back end and while still has a wobble, she seems so much more agile and able (and wanting) to get up and move round. She was kind of at a point before where I was quickly seeing her disinterested in getting up to follow me around the house and now she’s perked right up. She also played fetch for a solid 10 minutes with a great big smile on her face. She seems to be navigating the hard wood floors (although we put runners all through our house) better than before. I now realize how stressed I was before when watching her deteriorate because now, I feel so much better watching her. I will just hope that this regimen will keep. I feel like she has strength and dignity on her side now- thank you giving this to her. We hope she will keep strong for as long as possible’.

Both dogs are so happy and look amazing! Their coats are beautiful, they’ve stopped shedding, (so much in fact that their Molly Maids has called them and asked what had happened to all the dog fur in the house) and Mia ‘s sparkle is back in her eye. She also seems a lot stronger on her back end, so hopefully the degeneration will be slowed down, or stopped, is my hope.”

Since this time in February, we have had to tweak Mia’s regimen. She now is getting 4 ozs of Collidial silver instead of 2 and is getting a quadruple dose of Nzymes every day. But her husband runs with Mia sometimes, and they found that it was hard for her to recover after the runs, so upping her on all this allowed her to recover much quicker, plus it has seemed to have ‘halted’ the (progression of the) DM. They are going to be doing X-rays at the ‘one-year-mark’ to see what all has changed with what they can see in the white matter in her spine. But for now, Mia is still very much with them, living life and not being held back at all, and having defied the veterinary prognosis, over and over. 💕

So, I think…we now have great hope of helping Degenerative Myelopathy in dogs by approaching it just as we would Lyme disease. It all makes sense – as in how this trial regimen has been so successful.

Lastly, here is one more pertinent article that I have written pertaining to Mobility/paralysis issues. In it, is a much better description of all of these ‘tools/resources’, as they are exactly the same for every mobility issue, regardless of the ‘why’ behind it. To learn more, see – Brenda’s Paralysis Support Program for Dogs.

In closing: At this point, I do not see DM ‘necessarily’ as a dire prognosis. I truly believe that just by recognizing it for what it is and approaching it with the correct tools, many more good years are very possible for affected dogs.

Don’t Stop Believing!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Brenda Johnson
Winnipeg, MB

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