Bohdi and family at races

Bohdi Really Takes to the Race Track.

Our beloved Bohdi, our Most Amazing rescue dog, feels right at home at the race track – even though he has little chance of actually ‘herding’ any of those speeding vehicles!  Though, I’m sure he’d give it his ALL if we were to let him loose; he’s all Border Collie, that’s for sure. You can see – with his very short Video below – that his enthusiasm is intense, and if the leash were to break, he’d be off – in a shot making his best effort to get the racers in line and cooperating with his every move. Yes, that’s our ‘racer herding Border’.  If you haven’t read Bohdi’s amazing story – on recovery from life-threatening challenges, you can check it our – HERE.

Racing is a “family and friends” preferred activity here in Winnipeg, and Bohdi is right at home with us at the Track. We even have the truck ‘decked out’ with the NZYMES Logo.

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