Hope and Kara

Horse Named Kara, and Equine Lyme Disease.

At the beginning of July of 2014, I got a call from the VP of NZYMES®, to see if I could help in a case of a horse with Lyme disease, in Maryland, USA – by possibly making use of the same protocol I had used for Bohdi’s Lyme issues.  In other words, with my ‘scientifically’ proven success with Bohdi’s Lyme elimination, would I be willing to share that information and apply it to a horse?

BTWBohdi is a foster dog of mine, who arrived to us just over 5 years ago, with cardiomyopathy and serious Lyme disease, and supposedly with only days left to live.  Bohdi responded to a plan for dealing with his Lyme issues way beyond expectation, and is not only alive and well, but THRIVING.  See Bohdi’s amazing story.

The answer to the VP’s question — absolutely!!  Whilst I was a bit scared to take on such a big animal with the disease, I knew without a doubt that I could help this horse.

I then had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ a wonderful lady, Hope Henry.  We spent hours communicating and talking, which revealed that her 5 year old Icelandic mare of 2 years, Kara,  had been having problems with Lyme since last August. The first time she’d been Lyme positive, the round of treatment consisted of Doxy.  The treatment however was very hard physically on Kara.  Hope was wanting to avoid such trauma this time around.  Her love for Kara far exceeded the thought of causing turmoil for her.  She didn’t want to see her suffer.

2-lb spouted granulesKara started on a regime of NZYMES® (Granulesand colloidal silver on July 8th of 2014.  At this point, her OspF, which is the active titer suggestive of Lyme disease, was at 5403.   We had to tweak things over the weeks, as we needed to slow down the Herxes (ridding of the Lyme) adjusting the doses to make things easier on Kara.  Finally, a perfect ‘fit’ was found.   She was showing to be more at ease.

Hope walking KaraLess than 2 1/2 months later, on September 19,  another titer test was done. It was important to know what results had been achieved in that amount of time.  The question being, was what we had ‘designed’ as a protocol for a horse,  been enough to have made a difference?  We were both anxious and extremely nervous for the results to return.

We were elated to learn that Kara’s OspF was down to 1371!!  She had dropped 4032!!  We had achieved the most incredible results, in truly a short amount of time.   To be deemed free/negative of Lyme by the OspF, the numbers have to be below 1250.  That was only 121 points away!!   Which Kara could very well be at today, close to a month later?

I am so very proud of Hope for having had such constant trust in me throughout our Journey together.  Especially during the difficult, late night emails and messages and calls.  The sometimes near panic we endured when Kara was going through her difficult times.  Through out it all, we built a friendship and bond, that would not have been possible without Kara.  And? We did it!!  We were able to help rid the Lyme disease (from Kara), and able to provide Kara with many healthy, happy years ahead as a result.   Happy Trails to Hope and Kara!! ❤

Brenda Johnson – and Hope Henry



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