Excel Camelina Oil, and Why I Use It

For over 2+ years I was a big supporter of a cannabis oil for pets called MediPaws. I’d found this to be very useful for all pets, whether it was that they were in pain and discomfort from immobility issues, allergies/autoimmune diseases, and a whole vast array of other problems. MediPaws seemed to help, especially when used in conjunction with Nzymes®. I had developed a ‘paralysis kit’ which consisted of Nzymes® Granules, CoEnzymeQ10, Colloidal Silver, and Medipaws.

However, due to circumstances that arose, I began to try to find something else. Something that was also more economical and…maybe better? For over a year, my friend and I scoured the Internet doing our ‘Matlocking’. It seemed that every single one of our ‘choose your own adventures’ 😀 kept leading us back to one particular oil, Camelina oil.

Learn more about Camelina Oil HERE.

Every search, every query, took us to a company called Excel. They had a product called K9 which was for dogs. I was surprised to learn that many of my clients were using the Equestrian product for their horses!

We both ordered some of this product, and swapped over all our dogs, and also gave samples of it to our existing MediPaws clients, and waited to see if there’d be any changes, or that any of those animals might improve.

I started all my dogs on the product the first week of April 2017. Originally, dispensing 3/4 of a teaspoon for the little foo-foo dogs, and one and a half to two teaspoons for the bigger dogs.

I can’t say that I noticed any changes – at first. Now, of course, this isn’t a ‘bad’ thing; as it appeared that the transition over to the Excel didn’t affect the dogs in any way. This is good. Carry on like we always have. My clients who’ve also switched over had no problems with their animals and everyone was doing just great.

Fast forward to the end of April. Upon receiving some new bottles of Excel K9,(use link to order) I noticed they now had dosage dispensers built right in. By using this, I wasn’t really able to measure out only 3/4 of a teaspoon and instead went to a full 5 ml (a teaspoon).

Well, this is when things began to change. Drastically, into the 4th week. All of a sudden my two paralysis dogs Bella and Beanut started doing things they’d never done before. Their mobility seemed to drastically improve once again, and they were trying to get up on furniture, and standing up on everything. This was something I hadn’t seen Bella do for over 2 years, in fact, her 2nd paralysis was caused by her standing up to greet my parents. It scared me at first, but I began to see a ‘flexibility’ in both dogs that I’d not witnessed before. I knew, that the only ‘change’ had been the addition of Excel oil to their regimens.

Since then, both dogs continue to amaze me. I’m seeing more craziness from the two of them, and it’s as if their confidence has boosted tremendously. My other 2 dogs, using it also, have also experienced changes. My border collie’s wavy fur has become very curly, and we frequently have to comb them out or else he would be sporting dreads. 😀

Recently,  my friend Karen told me about what had happened with her dog Lucy since starting the K9 oil.  Her little Chi Lucy, has had back leg issues for years.  She would walk like a duck and have alot of weakness in the back legs, now? You hardily ever see the duck legs and her strength is much greater.

I am a true believer of this product,  and living it every day,  I’m so thankful to have found it and will never be without.  💕


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