Dealing With Allergies, Skin & Autoimmune Disorders

When an animal is suffering from ‘allergies’, it is due to yeast. Yeast is the #1 problem for causing allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, degenerative diseases, digestive and even respiratory problems. Pretty much from A-Z, any condition, unless genetic, always has yeast as the ‘root’ of the problem, this is what I have found over the years. Systemic yeast can lie so deep within the body, that sometimes it seems that things are getting better, like a honeymoon phase, and then, it fires up again. Often, people then think it’s the food, and do another food change, thinking it’s that when really, it’s just another round of a ‘detox’ of the yeast coming out. There may have been nothing wrong with the food?! I’ve seen it take up to 2 years to finally be coming to its ‘end’. My rationale is, for every ‘bad’ year, give 1 month for ‘repair and recovery’. This may not always be correct, as every ‘body’ is different, some may be younger, some may be older. But knowing that the bodies own abilities to correct itself, to the best of its capabilities isn’t always a quick ‘fix’, makes patience key when dealing with ‘allergies’. Nzymes Granues - 1Lb.

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I don’t believe in ‘seasonal allergies’ either. Now some might disagree, but because of my understanding of the ‘cycles’ of yeast eradication, and what the process is during eradication, I’ve formed this opinion due to what I’ve seen and experienced. The sunlight and warmth in the Spring, and then turning the heat back on in the Fall, warming up their bodies, causing more yeast to ‘rise’. What do we do when we want to make yeast rise for bread? We make it warm!! The same applies to an animal’s body! Warm it up, it comes up.

Vaccinations also play a big role in ‘allergies’.   Many animals, will develop ‘allergies’ after receiving their shots. In many cases, when we’ve looked at the vaccination protocol for the animal, it adds up to ‘when’ the problems first began, and often sped up after as a result of the next years of shots. If an animal is not well, and especially when signs of a weakened immune system are apparent, the last thing you want to do is create more of a ‘weakness’ by doing those injections. Sadly, it’s going to weaken the system even more. I always recommend Titer testing. Titer testing tests the antibodies in the body. With these results, you learn what, if anything that animal ‘needs’. It also prevents unnecessary vaccinations to be given. Some believe that shots past the initial 2 years are not needed. There is zero scientific evidence indicating that it is, yet we continue to be lead to believe that we should be continuing lifelong vaccinations.

Titer testing can be costly, BUT, when you see the results of those tests and realize that your animal is so healthy, deeming the vaccinations unnecessary, you almost feel a pang of pain, thinking ‘what if I had given those shots??!! What harm may I have caused my animal?!’. How many more vet visits may there have been due to the effects of that? I had a pet owner, who is going on 13 years of not having vaccinated, due to results of a Titer testing!! Had she not done that, how many truly unnecessary vaccinations would that dog have received? The cost of a Titer test far outweighs in my opinion, the ramifications of what could be possible. I’ll include a link to an article about Titer Testing at the end

Next, is the food. We’ve been almost brainwashed into believing that ‘Grain Free’ food is what we need to have our animals being fed. Eliminate the grains, and we can get ahead of the ‘allergies’. This is SO far from being the ‘answer’. And the answer doesn’t lie within ‘grains’, it actually lies with ‘starch’.

There are 5 big No’s No’s in pet food. Corn, white rice, potato, wheat, and tapioca. These, are all starches. In the body, starches are converted to sugar, and sugar is converted to…YEAST!!! There, is the biggest culprit. The one behind all those terrible diseases and conditions. Autoimmune diseases are greatly brought on, and fed by yeast, as are the degenerative ones. The more we ‘feed’ that yeast with starchy foods, the worse the conditions and ailments become.

A big misconception also is ‘prescription’ foods.   We tend to believe that because the vets sell these foods,  they must be ‘good’.  Sadly, this is not the case.   If we take a look at the ingredients,  they are filled with starches, and zero meat.  There is also nothing ‘prescription’ about the ingredients, except the price.   However, feeding an animal with auto immune issues a food full of yeast escalates the problem. 

Dogs and cats are meat eaters. Carnivores. Like a wolf. If we put a dog or cat in a garden and lined up an ear of corn, a potato, rice, wheat, tapioca, and a rotten mouse. What do you think they would go for? Yes, the rotten mouse. The meat. Sustaining an animal on a starch-based diet would be like the equivalent of you as a human, only being able to eat tortilla chips for the rest of your life. How strong would your immune system be? How clean and strong are your teeth? There is zero nutritional value in such ’emptiness’, and for an animal; eventually, they are going to hit that ‘wall’ and their bodies will begin to encounter endless health issues. And then, off to the vet we go,  enduring costly bills, with ‘band-aids’ on top of band-aids, never really getting to the ‘root’. Nutrition is where it has to begin. Simple Mother Nature.

The ‘band-aids’ when dealing with the autoimmune diseases, is often times steroids and antibiotics. These weaken the body yet even more. The antibiotics destroy more of the ‘good’ in the gut, and the steroids, they tell the body to ‘shut down’ and cause cellular death. So what may look like things are ‘better’, in reality, they aren’t. They are just being masked.

The approach I use is all 100% Mother Nature. Natural. Drug and med free. We want the body to be clean, pure and free of toxins that are hindering their ability to be strong again.

Getting Started: Providing Better Nutrition

To begin with is the food. Whether it be a quality kibble or a high-quality balanced raw, a nutritious/diet will be the very first step.  Having a proper food is crucial, as we don’t want to keep ‘feeding’ the problems with a poor food source.   If we don’t do so, we aren’t truly hitting the ‘reset’ button for our pets, which is what truly gives them the best chance at recovery. Recommended Foods 

Using Nzymes®

Next, will be Nzymes. All Nzymes are, is a whole food source. A ‘live’ food supplement. Every piece of it is alive. When you give the body life, the first thing it does is eliminate all the toxins, free radicals, and yeast. As soon as that ‘detox’ happens, the recovery begins. (Even though we may not see it right away) The immune system begins to get stronger. Day by day, things will begin to get better. The more that yeast is ‘starved’ out of the body, the more the issues will begin to dissipate. (This is why we want to make sure there are no starches in the food to create that cycle of ‘good fighting against the bad) The vast array of what Nzymes are helpful for is endless. Shedding is one that it’s very helpful for, that’s one of the first things people notice. That, and energy in the animal.

Then, the next step is Ox-E-Drops. This creates alkalinity within the body. When the body is alkaline, virus’s, fungus’s, bacteria, and also yeast, have nowhere to go. There is nothing for them to continue to feed and thrive on. This then, in turn, boosts the immune system, and also the respiratory and digestive systems. Ox-E can also be made into a 2% topical solution (10 drops per ounce of water/1 teaspoon per every 8 ounces of water) – which then can be used externally for skin, eyes, and ears. It creates a very soothing spray, or you can use cotton balls to administer topically.

BlackLeaf Tincture. Helps with fungus growth and boosts the immune system. It also helps to increase blood flow, and the addition of cayenne helps as a ‘catalyst’ to push everything deeper into the body. I’d like to add, with the BlackLeaf, not only is this beneficial for skin issues; but also for antiparasitic and deworming. I use the BlackLeaf on all my animals from Spring(May) to Fall(October) as a natural heartworm prevention.

Bak Pak Plus. This is the digestive enzymes/probiotics. This is a MUST for obtaining and maintaining the ‘gut’ health. The gut is like the second ‘brain’ of the body, and if something like leaky gut is at play, as it so often is in these cases, then we need to restore that healthy flora. Usually, when working with allergy situations, I hold off on adding this until 4-6 weeks down the road, first giving the body the chance to strengthen itself before adding the Bak Pak in. Sometimes when adding in a digestive Enzyme can make the animal flare up more going through the ‘detox’, so if we can slow things down a bit, it’ll make it easier on the animal and us too!

Using Colloidal Silver

Then, I have also begun to use another natural supplement for these issues. Colloidal Silver. This is natures own antibiotic and doesn’t affect the ‘gut’ as regular antibiotics do. Colloidal Silver is absorbed into the body before it reaches the gut. There is not much that CS can’t help with. CS destroys all one-celled organisms within hours of being introduced to the body, (so things such as Lyme disease for example), cannot survive.

I have been using CS internally on all my animals for over three years now. Every day it is a part of their regimen. I have seen what the benefits of it are, and I use it confidently. I see it as another ‘tool’ to be able to bump up the immune system, whilst keeping diseases at bay. I have used it in the eyes, and ears and nose, and was stunned at the quick results I achieved. Using CS topically is also fantastic. It brings on a very rapid calming to skin that is irritated, red and hot. Between this and the Ox-E topical solution, you’ve got 2 great ‘tools’ to give the animal the much-needed relief.

I purchased my own generator to make my own colloidal silver. It is the biggest rip off in the supplement industry and is way overpriced. For the cost of what I paid for six 8 oz bottles of colloidal silver from a health food store, I bought a machine that I can make it myself, needing only distilled water and glass jars to make and store it in. What would cost hundreds of dollars to buy, you can make for pennies yourself.

But I use CS in about 95% of my cases. I’ve even given full CS baths to dogs with skin issues! It works tremendously.

Using Excel K9

And then finally; if needed, I have something called Excel K9 oil. It is made from Camelina oil. It has the Omegas and Vitamin E in it, along with pumpkin seed oil. I like using this for ‘allergies’ because if the animal is itching and scratching lots, it brings them a level of comfort. The omega oils in it are also greatly helpful for the skin and coat, and brain! ‘Feed the body, feed the mind’. I had been using a cannabis oil for pets for a number of years but found it to be becoming too costly, and I knew there must be something ‘better’ and more economical. This Excel K9 oil has gone above and beyond what the cannabis oil could do.

The very last thing I like to use for such cases, is Melatonin.  

Very often, allergy/skin dogs will begin to develop a compulsive behavior so to speak, with their constant itching and picking and at themselves. They don’t know what else to do with themselves and it’s just become so ‘normal’ to them. Just like we as humans bite our nails or have silly little ‘quirks’ we let take over. The same thing happens to them, and they do it just because.

I started using Melatonin on dogs that I suspected had developed the compulsive behavior, and found tremendous success.  

Melatonin has a number of benefits. It is the hormone that the pineal gland secretes.  Not only does it allow the animal to have a more ‘relaxed’ state of mind, but it actually promotes hair growth!!! Melatonin helps with creating a ‘happy brain’, and this I have found very helpful with dogs dealing also with PTSD, or mental trauma from abusive situations they’ve endured. The ones who scratch and itch incessantly, it helps them to be calmer, not ‘at themselves’ all the time. It also doesn’t make them dopey or groggy, they sleep good, but wake up right away if needed.  

I had found out by fluke, that the ‘side effect’ of Melatonin is that it grows fur! Well, that’s a win win when dealing with dogs who are losing their coats or have thinning hair!  

The Melatonin I use comes from my local health food store. I won’t purchase supplements anywhere especially like Walmart, Costco, GNC, Walgreens, any of those big box chain stores. Their products are cheaply priced, because they are cheaply filled. They are not pure, and it scares me to know what the fillers and whatnot could do to my fur babies. ? I won’t take that chance. So I always recommend to get Melatonin from a mom and pop health food store. They come in a capsule or dissolvable tablet. Either kind is good. I just always tell people when buying the dissolvable kind, to make sure that there is not the ingredient Xylitol in there. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is fatal for dogs. I’ve never been told that anyone has found one with the Xylitol in it, but I always want to warn about it just in case.  

So, to sum it all up, I myself, don’t believe ‘allergies’ exist. Yeast however does. So-called ‘Allergies’ are brought on by many ‘triggers’, but in the end, it all boils down to the autoimmune response being fed by starches. The body being weak. The immune system not being able to do its ‘job’. This can all be turned around though; by just giving the body what it needs, along with Mother Nature, and the animals own will and spirit to persevere. It’s a simple fix, one that requires patience at times, but the light is there at the end of the tunnel. Nutrition; live nutrition, and keeping the body strong and at a proper PH balance, everything all begins to fall into place!

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