how to stop excessive shedding in dogs

Excessive Shedding in Pets is Not Necessary.

One of the best things I always get to tell others about is how much NZYMES® and a good diet can affect our pets shedding. It is unreal how much this approach diminishes the ‘excessive shedding’ problem, in how it becomes almost non-existent.NZYMES supplements for excessive shedding

Having 6 animals of my own, I can fully attest to how this is true. You would think, by the amount of fur you’ll find in my house at any given time, that there are not ANY animals around. People are shocked to find out that I have as many animals as I do!!! But, I still have to vacuum every 3rd day, as by then, I’ll begin to see the few odd white hairs on the dark area carpet.

In the past, I never wanted big dogs, because of the excessive shedding concerns. Little did I know, big dogs don’t have to shed so bad!! Having a Border Collie (one of the WORST for excessive shedding) and a Chocolate Lab, has now been a true joy, as I am not eating fur all the time!! With any of my dogs, you can test by reaching in to grab fistfuls of their fur to see what you get. But, upon examining your hand, you might have just a few hairs (of fur) stuck in between your fingers. You can pet them, and never have that ‘line’ of fur accumulate down their back. No need to ‘dust off’ your hands after petting them either.

As for seasonal processes, the coat ‘blow-outs’ during the change of seasons is nothing compared to what would normally be expected. In fact, I don’t think their blow-outs are even close to what normal shedding would be for any other dog! It really is remarkable how drastically the problem is diminished.

Since “a picture speaks a thousand words”, I think the Video below will suffice to support my statements.



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