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I am so very happy to begin this new avenue of Brenda’s Corner. This will be a place for everyone to read, learn and discover about the ‘Nzymes Regimens’ that have been put in place for many animals, and assisted in their transformations from various health ailments.

In 2012, my own dog Bella became paralyzed. At that time, I had no idea of the Journey that would lead me to.  A paralysis that seemed hopeless,  thinking we’d never see our dog walk again, was turned into a remarkable recovery. Not only for her, but myself also.

After her second paralysis in November of 2014, my ‘world’ was opened up once again. I gained more insight into giving the body added ‘tools’ to help her make it through this paralysis as well.

I’ve dedicated the last 5+ years to helping animals and people, by learning and living every single day, with the wonders of nutrition and Mother Nature. Yes, it really IS that simple.

I invite everyone to come and be a part of “the corner”. Together, we can find Hope in the understanding of what causes many illnesses, conditions and diseases. To achieve many more years of health and happiness, via natural products and regimens. Most of all, to never give up.

Don’t Stop Believing!!!

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