Max, before & after

Max and His Pannus Recovery Story.

Meet Max.  Max, a now 14.5-year-old Border Collie cross, developed an incurable auto immune eye condition called Pannus in 2007.  The sclera (white part) of the eye becomes red and irritated, and ulcers can also form.  It will normally lead to inevitable blindness.  This is the stage Max was at, barely being able to see.  Treatment was only to use steroid drops to keep things at ‘bay’.  Nothing else could be done, other than specialist appointments once a year to monitor the acceleration of the disease.  Max belongs to one of my best friends, Rob.2-lb spouted granules

Rob was looking for help with Max’s excessive shedding.  For this, I knew the NZYMES® would be a huge help.  The Sprouted Granules were used.  Max received one teaspoon a day.

Max & Pannus before-after

The pictures speak for themselves; taken 3 months apart.  We had NO idea that this would happen.  Rob had no idea that not only would the shedding decrease greatly, but also, Max was able to see again!!! He became more playful and full of energy and all the things he’d struggled with before, stairs, walking etc, all became easy for him again.

Max continues to thrive and is a very happy dog!

The power of a simple ‘live’ nutritional supplement is truly incredible!

Brenda Johnson,
Winnipeg , MB

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